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Meet The System

Maison Miru is jewelry for dreamers, thinkers and makers: a unisex system of modular, interchangeable pieces that you can compose and arrange in infinite beautiful combinations.

We are jewelry architects, making primary objects for you, the artist, to make your own.

Classic Hoops

Start your ear stack with our collection of classic hoops designed to mix and match in perfect proportions.

Delicate Studs

Dainty and delicate symbolic studs that tell your story.

Ear Cuffs

No-piercing-required ear cuffs to up your ear game - it's always cuffing season at Maison Miru.


Signature pieces that are sure conversation starters.

Cartilage Hoops

Decorate your ear from top to bottom in our premium quality cartilage hoops.

Flat Back Earrings (aka Nap Earrings)

Our flat back earrings (aka Nap Earrings) are poke-free and designed to wear 24/7.

Jewelry for Dreaming, Playing and Creating โœจ

Maison Miru is a unisex system of jewelry: essential pieces that you can play with to endlessly remix and reimagine.

We make jewelry for dreamers, thinkers and makers - people who value imagination and play as a driving force for life.

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