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We want you to love your jewelry as much as we do - that's why we offer free returns & exchanges within 30 days of purchase.

Purchases made between November 1, 2023 and December 25, 2023 are eligible for free extended holiday returns through January 31, 2024.

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Good News: 80% of the inquiries that we get can be solved immediately.

My flat back isn’t working - how do I wear this?

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First, ID what style of flat back you ordered. We have two versions: one has a threaded screw and the other has a push pin.  

Here’s how to insert your earrings: Flat back earrings are designed to be inserted from back to front.  It can be a little tricky, so we recommend using a regular earring post to guide the flat back in.  Put a regular stud through your piercing, then put your flat back backing on the back of the post and guide it through until the flat back backing is flush against your ear. Then you can take the regular stud out and put your jewel head in, from front to back like a regular earring.

Threaded: Make sure the jewel head is straight (the threading should line up), and then twist to the right until secure. The jewel head should sit flush into the backing. If you can still see threading, it’s probably crooked. No worries! Just unscrew and repeat :)

Push Pin: Make sure the pin of the jewel head has little bend in it in so that it catches securely in the flat backing. If there is no bend in the pin the jewel is at risk of falling out!! Push the pin into the backing, pinching the jewel head and flat backing together gently between your index finger and thumb.

PS: It’s completely normal for this to be tricky, and for you to feel like your fingers are giant.  The daintier the earring, the harder it is - but the good news is that once they’re in, they’re in.  

The push pin on my Nap Earrings (or push pin flat back) is bent

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That’s on purpose! They don't "click" into place - it's the tension of the bent post inside the backing tube that keeps them secure. We send them out pre-bent, but sometimes it's not enough or they straighten out, so don’t be afraid to bend as needed!

The threading on my flat back screw seems short

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This is by design! Too long of a threaded screw makes it harder to put in without stripping the threading.

I received a single cartilage hoop or flat back instead of a pair

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We sell our flat backs individually so you can mix and match, as noted on our product pages. If you’d like a pair, please order two.

My huggie hoops aren’t closing tightly

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Sometimes the post bends down a little, and the latch doesn’t close as tightly as you want. Try gently bending the post back up ever so slightly, and it should click back into place securely. 98% of the time, this fixes the problem!

I don’t see my earring in the bag

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We know this is silly, but sometimes it’s hiding behind the SKU sticker.  If it’s not there, please let us know at and we’ll make this right.

Need a different size?

Take our sizing quiz or check out our jewelry sizing chart to find the right size for your piercing.

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Is it easy to return or exchange items?
Of course! We’re all about making life easier. Once your return or exchange has been authorized, you’ll get simple step-by-step instructions and a prepaid shipping label. Gifts may be exchanged for another product or store credit. 

What items are returnable / exchangeable?
We will gladly accept undamaged items purchased in the last 30 days.

How soon will I get my refund?
We aim to please quickly. Once we receive your return, a refund is typically issued within 10 business days.

What items are non-refundable / exchangeable?
Certain items are marked as not refundable or final sale and are not eligible for returns (ie. gift cards, gifts with purchase, our Surprise Ear Bar Trio, and any Sample Sale items).

Still Have Questions?

Here’s our full FAQ.  If you don’t find your answer, message us at