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Founder & Creative Director

Creative Outlet: Making All of the Things, Reading & Writing

NYC Food Recos: Mah Ze Dahr brownies, 29B matcha, Seven Grams chocolate chip peanut butter cookies, Petee's Pie

Signature Style: It's like being asked which child is your favorite, but I find myself reaching for our Chill Pill Necklace and our Eternity Echo Ear Cuff.

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Creative Outlet: Whiskey collecting

NYC Food Recos: Fiaschetteria "Pistoia", Charlie Bird, Death & Company

Signature Style: Heirloom Bold Necklace

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Creative Outlet: Visiting museums and bookstores, sketching, soccer.

NYC Food Recos: My Pie Pizzeria Romana, Pio Pio 8 (delicious Peruvian food)

Signature Style: Black Heart Charm Necklace

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Editorial Coordinator

Creative Outlet: Reading (Mary Gaitskill, Susanna Kaysen, and Ottessa Moshfegh are among my favorite authors), writing, hair and wardrobe styling, listening to music (especially from the ‘70s and ‘80s), visiting art galleries and museums, watching movies (all time favorite: ‘3 Women’ with Shelley Duvall and Sissy Spacek).

NYC Food Recos: Zazzy’s Pizza, Artichoke Pizza, Lions & Tigers & Squares Pizza, and 99¢ Fresh Pizza (good when you’re on a budget, but also as its own genre of pie).  

Signature Style: Chubby Hoops, Industrial Pearl Necklace, and the Bubble Necklace to name a few. Bling it on!

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Creative Outlet: Shooting film, taking dance classes, and getting tea with friends

NYC Food Recos: Happy Veggie in Chinatown

Signature Style: The Classic Twirl Earrings and Rebel Necklace

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Studio Assistant

Creative Outlet: K-pop choreography dance classes, movies and tv shows, crochet and sewing

NYC Food Recos: Petee's Pie, JJ Kitchen, Ichiran, Nene's Taqueria, Mam

Signature Style: ID Bracelet, Poet Necklace, Floating Sphere Rings, Bold Hoops

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Director of Growth

Creative Outlet: Origami 💌

NYC Food Recos: Her Name is Han, Brooklyn Kura

Signature Style: Crystal Trinity Threaded Flat Back Earring in 14k Gold + Initial Charm Necklace 💎⁠

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Social Media Coordinator

Creative Outlet: Stand up 🎤 + doodling ✏️⁠

LA Food Recos: Angel’s Tijuana Tacos, Jitlada, Tiki-Ti

Signature Style: Rebel Choker Necklace + Tiny Secret Nose Hoop Ring in 14k Gold 😈✨⁠