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Hello and Welcome!

In the Studio

I'm a (recovering) tech product manager who found her true calling while taking jewelry classes at University College London.  It's so different making a physical product with your motor skills up until then were previously used mainly in Powerpoint and Excel.  (I may have sawed myself more than once!)  But there was something so right about making jewelry, pieces that I knew I could treasure for years to come.  

I started just like everyone else, just making pieces for myself and my friends, but when strangers started asking where I had gotten the jewelry, I decided to set up a little shop.

Maison Miru Jewelry is luxurious, timeless jewelry to keep the people and experiences you love close to your heart. I make jewelry to live in: a curated selection of earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces special enough for extraordinary days - but timeless enough for you to love everyday. Future heirlooms that you'll imbue with experience and memory. Jewels that you'll take with you out on your adventures in the world.

My goal is to fill your life - and your jewelry box - with extraordinary memories.

I design out of an adorable little light filled studio in the heart of New York City's West Village, and I work with a limited number of suppliers and business partners, and I try my best to choose partners that are either small, local, or businesses run by women (ideally all three.)

I pack every single order with love before I run them down to the corner post office.  Sometimes, when things get too busy, my husband (and his lovely parents) come help pack too.

If you like what you see, I'd definitely appreciate your help spreading the word.  Oh, and join the party on Instagram @maisonmiru.  Beyond the jewels, you'll find that I have a sweet tooth - and I'm always happy to share my favorite places to snack.

With Love,
Founder & Creative Director
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