👋 Nice to Meet You!

Trisha from Maison Miru

👋 Hi I'm Trisha, a (recovering) tech product manager who found her true calling while studying jewelry at University College London.

I had long been captivated by jewelry - it's wearable art, and ever since ancient times, it has been the classic keeper of memories, of stories, your innermost thoughts and personal histories 📚. It’s one of the oldest ways humans have expressed themselves and commemorated special moments, and each piece is special not only for its innate beauty, but also for the meaning it holds.

After years of plodding away in PowerPoint and Excel, I found something magical in making a real thing ⚒️ that I could hold in my hands. It wasn’t easy - they’re not kidding about that 10,000 hours to mastery, and I may have sawed myself more than once! - but the ritual of making and creating kept me going as I honed my jewelry craft.

There’s something so beautiful and absorbing to creating something - you get into this state of flow when you bring an idea in your head to life with your own two hands ✨. It’s a release and a rush, and you feel like you’re living in the moment...something that doesn’t always come naturally to me. I strongly believe that creativity allows us to be the very best versions of ourselves - and I wanted to share this magic with the world.

Maison Miru is a collection of jewelry building blocks - easy to wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings - that you can mix and match to create your own signature look. My goal is to share the love of creating with you: with the jewelry building blocks that I design, you can mix and match them into something magical and meaningful for you ❤️.

I design out of an adorable little light filled studio in the heart of New York City 🚕. I work with a limited number of suppliers and business partners, and I try my best to choose partners that are either small, local, or businesses run by women (ideally all three.)

My ever-supportive husband Mark joined me in 2017 to help make my dream of jewelry for creative living come to life. We’re now a tiny but mighty team of seven 💪, and we pack every single order with love 💌 before we run them down to the corner post office. Sometimes, when things get too busy, my husband’s lovely parents come help pack too.

If you like what you see, I'd definitely appreciate your help spreading the word. Oh, and if you love the creative life and beautiful jewels,
come hang with us on Instagram @maisonmiru 📷. Beyond the jewels, you'll find that I have a sweet tooth 🍦 - and I'm always happy to share my favorite places to snack.

With ❤️ from NYC,