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Deco Nap Earrings

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Our deco earrings in an elegant hexagon shape - echoing the glamour of vintage architecture.

Introducing the Nap Earrings Collection - our signature push pin flat backs designed for 24/7 poke-free wear! Made from medical grade titanium to be safe for sensitive skin. And, for the first time, we made them in 20g (aka the same thickness as traditional earrings), so they're perfect for lobe piercings!

The push pin earring posts are easy to insert and remove from your ear, and the flat back makes them super comfortable to wear. One earring, infinite possibilities. Make it yours.

Specs & Sizing
  • Made of medical grade titanium
  • Gold version is PVD plated with 18k gold
  • Earring top is made with high quality CZ crystals
  • Earring top is 4mm diameter
  • 20g (0.8mm) thickness, 6mm post length, 3mm flat back disc
  • Hypoallergenic and always nickel-free
Deco Nap Earrings in Gold
Deco Nap Earrings Sale price$95.00 Regular price$100.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

These are the absolute cutest BUT one of the earring stems snapped off in the earring back on my second wear of them. So, they’re stunning but not structurally sound.


A beautiful addition to my ears. It took several tries to get them in, but I struggle with this design generally. They are very comfortable.

Not size-inclusive

The earring posts are super long, which makes the earrings hang at an awkward angle. They also dig into my head when I’m sleeping because they’re too big. I reached out to customer service and was told I can purchase smaller posts ($20 each!) but those are all sold out. It’s unfortunate that they don’t offer a size choice on the nap earrings and that it will cost me an extra $40 to make these work. I wish I’d returned them but now it’s too late.

Heidi E.
Fantastic little earrings

These are great - my earring holes are trying to close and I bought these so I could wear them 24/7 for several weeks. They are super comfy - I can't even feel them. I am a side sleeper and I cannot feel them at all when I'm lying on them. They don't give me any issues - no 'green' and no redness/swelling/itching or anything.

I will definitely be purchasing more jewelry from Maison Miru.


Slightly smaller than I thought but I love them