Nap Earrings: Super comfy earrings designed to wear 24/7

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"It is CRAZY that this is not the norm for earrings!"

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Don't Take Our Word For It

Nap Earrings vs. Traditional Earrings chart
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Everyday essentials you can endlessly remix

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Hi, I'm Trisha and I'm Good at Naps

Maison Miru is an independent design studio dedicated to systems for living. I originally trained as an engineer, so I’m passionate about designing the highest quality jewelry that is beautiful both in form and function, like Nap Earrings.

We make a gender-free system of essentials that simplify your getting ready routine without compromising your personal style. So you can spend less time getting ready and more time living :)

We also like to have fun. We’re serious about systems, but mostly so they give us the freedom to live our best lives. Lives that include capybaras and chocolate cream pie.

With ❤️ from NYC,
Trisha, Founder and Creative Director

Founder and Creative Director Trisha with a monkey on her head