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Evil Eye Nap Earrings

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A charming tiny emblem of luck to be carried with you always.

Introducing the Nap Earrings Collection - our signature push pin flat backs designed for 24/7 poke-free wear! Made from medical grade titanium to be safe for sensitive skin. And, for the first time, we made them in 20g (aka the same thickness as traditional earrings), so they're perfect for lobe piercings!

The push pin earring posts are easy to insert and remove from your ear, and the flat back makes them super comfortable to wear. One earring, infinite possibilities. Make it yours.

Additional sizes sold separately for tragus, helix, and other cartilage piercings.

Specs & Sizing
  • Made of medical grade titanium
  • Gold version is PVD plated with 18k gold
  • Earring top is made with high quality CZ crystals
  • Earring top is 7mm long by 3mm wide
  • 20g (0.8mm) thickness, 6mm post length, 3mm flat back disc
  • Hypoallergenic and always nickel-free
Evil Eye Nap Earrings in Gold
Evil Eye Nap Earrings Sale price$95.00 Regular price$100.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 212 reviews
Really nicely made

I really like these earrings and they are very comfortable to wear every day 24/7. The only thing that drives me a little crazy is that they spin -- and the post is not centered! I am wearing them 'upside down' so they don't touch the post next to them in the stack.

Love the Earrings

The clasp took a second to get used too. I love them. I have sensitive ears and most earrings bother me. I don’t notice them even when I sleep with them on. I will purchase other styles.

Amanda S.
Perfect every day earring that's a step above

I love the evil eye—I wear it in my third (ear) piercing and its dainty enough while still being eye catching and fun to wear every day

janna j.
Bright colors!

These truly are the perfect fit and size for daily wear. My eyes catches the colors in the earring often. They are so cute and very comfortable. And as someone with sensitive ears which directed me to these earrings, I can say they are pain free!

Lauren A.
Not good

I got these for my second hole. Regular posts often poke my head, behind my ear, when I lay down. These seemed like the perfect solution. Putting them in was challenging and about a week after my ear became swollen. With my ear swollen getting the earring out was almost impossible. I was finally able to get them out but I won’t be putting them back in.