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Forever Seamless Hoop in 14k Gold

Product image 1Forever Seamless Hoop in 14k Gold
Product image 2Forever Seamless Hoop in 14k Gold
Product image 3Forever Seamless Hoop in 14k Gold
Product image 4Forever Seamless Hoop in 14k Gold
Product image 5Our Forever Seamless Hoop as seen on Refinery 29

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Our Forever Seamless Cartilage Hoop earring in solid 14k gold is the perfect minimalist foundation to your ear party.  Understated and beautifully minimalist - just as gorgeous by itself as it is teamed in pairs or trios.

This solid 14k gold seamless hoop earring is made to be worn 24/7 - once you put it in, you don't have to take it out. The most popular size is 8mm (inner diameter), but I also make it in 6mm, 10mm, and 12mm sizes.  I make the Forever Seamless Hoop in two gauges 20g (0.81mm thick) and 18g (1.0mm thick). Suitable for both standard lobe piercings and cartilage piercings - you can wear it in your tragus or helix - or even in your nose piercing.

Need help with sizing? I created a handy little guide to jewelry sizing just for you!

Our Forever Seamless Cartilage Hoop earring is meant to be worn with friends - from our signature Tiny Sapphire Studs to our Evil Eye Studs for a dose of good luck to our Pave Moon Studs for intuition and clarity. One earring, infinite possibilities. Make it yours.

Looking for additional sizes? Message me!

Specs & Sizing
  • Solid 14k gold hoop
  • 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm in diameter
  • Two gauges: 20g and 18g
How To Wear

To insert your hoop, hold the hoop on either side of the seam and gently twist the ends away from each other. Insert the hoop, and twist the ends back. This handy little video also shows you exactly how to wear your seamless hoops - hope that helps! ❤️

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
A great lockable hoop

This is a great hoop if you want to put a charm or gem on your hoop. Great locking mechanism ensures it doesn’t pop off. I just wish they came in larger diameter options and non-hinged continuous hoop. Great work!

Amazing company!

The jewelry is beautiful and well made but even more importantly the customer service is phenomenal!

Great fit!

I’m so grateful for the range of sizes this earring comes in so I could perfectly size it to my ear. It looks like it was made just for my ear!

Love love love

Fits perfectly in my cartilage piercing ! The video was super helpful and I learned how to correctly open the earring and place it in my ear. I have very sensitive ears and I’m so glad I found a high quality solid 14k gold cartilage earring

Nose ring

The nose ring looked beautiful it was the size I wanted I was very excited. I had a bad experience with a different seller previously. I bought a nose ring advertised as gold but it really wasn’t. I experienced sore piercing site redness, and I begin to develop a keyloid. I bought this nose ring at significantly higher price, but knew that had to mean it was real (Price is actually reasonable for real gold). I am very sensitive and cannot wear anything other than genuine gold. I put this nose ring in and I did not have pain at piercing site it was a little sore, but not painful. I was not able to get a complete seal/closure so there was a small gap in between the two ends. I also did begin to develop a keyloid, so I wanted to remove it. Unfortunately the two ends had turned possibly while I was sleep and were stuck in between the piercing site. I was not able to turn the nose ring to access the open area. I had to pull one part of the nose ring on the upper outside of my nose and the other part from the Lower inside. Eventually I did get the nose ring to finally open. I wish I could give this a higher review as the jewelry was beautiful. I have had a 14k diamond stud in for 3 years and never had issues with a keyloid beginning to form. I did clean the jewelry prior to placing it, so it was not dirty. I’m a nurse and take sanitization and cleanliness very seriously. I did clean everything prior to placement so I am unsure why I had the same response I had to the fake jewelry. I don’t have a need for the jewelry now as I cannot wear it, it did look nice the 2 1/2 days I was able to wear it.

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