Earth First

Performance Metals

Your Forever Jewelry

The jewelry in our Performance Metals collection never tarnishes, so it’s made for play and durable for life. By the start of 2025, we will be making our entire collection out of these durable metals: medical grade titanium, recycled stainless steel, and recycled solid gold.

The Earring Exchange

Keep Jewelry out of Landfills

Traditional jewelry tarnishes - and inevitably ends up at the bottom of your jewelry box, or in the trash. But this jewelry isn’t trash, it’s just not meant to be jewelry.

The Earth Day Earring Exchange kicks off our efforts to keep jewelry out of landfills. We’re taking your tarnished jewelry and upcycling it into something beautiful and new. We’ll be sharing as we go along - follow along on Instagram and TikTok for a behind the scenes look.

Our Commitments To You And Our Planet

  • Recycled Metals: We use recycled metals wherever possible - our solid gold and stainless steel jewelry is made of 100% recycled materials.
  • Environmentally-friendly Plating: Our Performance Metals collection uses PVD plating, which is more durable and better for the environment than traditional electroplating.
  • Recycled Packaging: Our jewelry boxes are made of recycled paper and are recyclable.