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Explorer Bracelet

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I designed our unisex Explorer Bracelet with a substantial paperclip chain - youthful, bold, and a canvas for your creativity. This is a necklace for your inner creative - and is perfect for romantics and rebels, artists and adventurers.

Wear your Explorer Bracelet on its own for a bold, rebellious look - or team it with symbolic charms that speak to you - from the Evil Eye 👁️ for protection to the Pave Lightning Bolt ⚡ for energy - or my personal favorite, the Chill Pill 💊. You can add symbolic charms with our Classic Connector Links.

Specs & Sizing
  • High quality stainless steel bracelet thick plated with 14k gold (gold) or rhodium (silver) for quality
  • Eco-friendly: We use recycled stainless steel for sustainability
  • Paperclip Chain bracelet
  • Bracelet sizing does not include closure
  • Lobster closure is designed to be easy to open and close
Explorer Bracelet on Model
Explorer Bracelet Sale price$80.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Juliana B.
Love the style and wearability, color is off

I like to put jewelry on and leave it on. The Explorer Bracelet is wearing nicely, with showering, regular wear and tear, and sleeping. It’s a bit too 24k colored (a little too orangey-yellow) for my 10k wedding rings, so I just wear it on the opposite hand.

Jane M.
Love it!

High quality just like everything else I’ve bought from Maison Miru. It’s simple yet adds a funky elegance to my outfit! Highly recommend.

Megan F.
All the feels

I love that this comes in different lengths. It fits perfectly and would have made a great gift if I hadn’t kept it myself!

izzabelle l.

I love the inclusive range of sizes, but with so many options its hard to pick one. For maybe one name its standard then the size. That gives an idea like 'bracelets from the store do not fit so I need to go bigger/smaller.". It also makes it harder to gift.


Great Graduation gift!