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Mini Crystal Trinity Studs in Titanium

Sale price$95.00


Our Mini Crystal Trinity Studs, now available in implant grade titanium for 24/7 waterproof, sweatproof, lifeproof wear, team a trio of stones to represent the chain of generations - and how we're all connected, in the past, present, and future.

Also available in sterling silversolid 14k gold, and as a titanium flat back for cartilage piercings.

  • Solid implant grade titanium with high quality CZs
  • Gold version is coated in 18k gold PVD Plating
  • 3.5mm in diameter
  • 20G post, 6mm wearable surface, 10mm total length
  • Solid titanium ball backings for a sculptural look
Mini Crystal Trinity Studs in Titanium (Gold)
Mini Crystal Trinity Studs in Titanium Sale price$95.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kelly M.
First earrings in 20 years to not irritate

I have been shopping around for years for small studs that don’t irritate my super sensitive skin. I even tried a few different options from here before finding these. I ended up buying 3 pairs of this style. Highly recommend!

Loved the look, but hurt my ears! :(

I loved the look and the lightweight feel of the earrings. I did not like the backs that were the ball backing. I think I was concerned they were not secure and they were too tight. My ear became very irritated and swollen.
I did return them and wanted to replace the with the push pin in the same design. I think this will allow for more space and they will feel more secure.
It may have been user error, but they just didn't work for me.
Thank being said, I love the other earrings that I have purchased and you all have great customer service. Looking forward to trying the mini crystal trinity studs in the push pin. Fingers crossed! :)

Kaitlyn S.

Good quality, good shine. Like small size

Kathy L.!

My daughter loves them especially because they don’t irritate her ears (and they’re pretty).

Cary R.
Saved my ears!

My lobe piercings (that I got literally 20 years ago) never healed quite right - a casualty of a Claire’s piercing gun. I never wore earrings because my lobes would get gunky and itchy after 1 short wear. They nearly closed up. But THESE EARRINGS SAVED MY PIERCINGS!! I can sleep in them and my ears feel SO much better. I’ve been wearing them nonstop since I got them. Plus they’re so cute.

If you want the LONG STORY of why I bought these - my husband bought me some beautiful gold earrings in the Middle East while he was deployed. He gave them to me for Christmas and the posts were kind of big, too big for my weak, maybe not straight and nearly closed lobe piercings. I tried so hard to force them in but had no luck and it was so painful! So I bought the titanium earrings in hopes that my piercings would heal, my ears would get used to earrings, and I would eventually be able to wear my Christmas earrings. Within 3 days of wearing the Maison Miru earrings, I was able to put on the Christmas earrings with zero issues, first try! I’ve been wearing the Trinity studs (or Huggie hoops) every day since I received them. Yay for finally wearing earrings again!!! So like I said…the Maison Miru earrings saved my piercings.