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Secrets and Stories

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to share with you something near and dear to my heart, a collection that I always wanted to exist but didn't.  

Meet the Secrets and Stories Collection, an elevated, modern update on the classic charm bracelet 🔗, where you can build your own modern heirloom over time. Think of it as a cross between the friendship bracelets you exchanged as a kid - and the classic charm bracelets our mothers and grandmothers wore. 

Personally, I'm a necklace kind of gal, so I re-envisoned the charm bracelet in necklace form. I designed the necklaces in three lengths (16", 18" and 24"), for mix and match layeringso you can tell a richer version of your story 📚 and truly express yourself. 

The necklaces are ready to be personalized with your choice of detachable, interchangeable charms. The foundation set of charms include emblems of love ❤️, luck 👁️, hope 🌙 and happiness 🌈 - and allow you to create bespoke combinations that hold your own unique story. 

Add on to your keepsake piece over time to tell your story...and to hold your secrets. Commemorate your milestones, and celebrate your experiences, and keep the most important things in life close to your heart. 💕

With ❤️ from NYC,

PS: Have a great idea for a charm? Message me - I'm always designing new things! 💌

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